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From the UK to the rest of the world, Data Relish have delivered solutions successfully, meeting the objective to add tangible business value.


Data Relish aim to empower you to do things by yourselves. Training will increase self-reliance, and decrease consulting costs overall in the longer term. 


Jen Stirrup is a technology advocate, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and PASS Director-At-Large, is a well-known Business Intelligence and Data Visualization expert, author, data strategist, and has been peer-recognized as one of the top 100 most global influential tweeters on Big Data topics.

Design for the Present. Be Aware of the Past.

Build for an Unknown Future


Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

Good design is where science and art break even. Maximising your data investment will require a good foundation.

We will help you to relish your data by instilling good discipline concerned with designing, creating, deploying and managing your organization's data architecture.

Let's make it happen for you.



Give your data a signature look.


What's your data visualisation vegetables? What's your dataviz candy? Do you know what reports are really giving you what you need?

Tell the stories contained in your data. It's your data, after all. Relish your Data. Get in touch.



Need help navigating Big Data? 


The Data Revolution has just begun. It's not just hype.

The world's data is doubling every 1.2 years. 

And we are not just consuming data. We are producing it.

In 2012, the world's information totaled over two zetabytes, or two trillion gigabytes. By 2020, that number will be 35 trillion.

And if that's not hard enough, 80% of it will be unstructured in format.

Big Data is too complex, too diverse, and too different from what we already know. 

Will it inspire you? Will it answer your questions?

Will you be a leader in your organisation, with your data?

Are you ready for this? Do you need help to navigate the Big Data expanse?

If so, Relish your Data. Get in touch.



2016 Training Schedule


SQL Server Business Intelligence Masterclass, Bangalore, India, August 2016 - 

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What is Digital Transformation? Businesses are looking to drive greater efficiency. To do this, they need to work more productively by enhancing productivity. For many organisations, this means ensuring an effective implementation of a digital delivery, whilst remaining true to its character and values.

Whilst Digital Transformation remains a challenge, it also poses an unprecedented opportunity for your organisation. Here are some posts on the topic:

How do you transition Skill Sets to the cloud?

Get in touch at for a chat and see how we can help you. For some initial thoughts, take a look at the following blog post, where I lay out some thoughts on Digital Transformation and making it relevant to organisations, both large and small.

Jen Stirrup

Data Strategist at Data Relish Ltd