Transitioning Skills to the Cloud: gently, gently, incrementally!

Digital Transformation is all about people, and making lives better through the application and utilisation of technology. Today, I attended a seminar held by Mark Russinovich at the IPExpo event in Europe. Note that all of the slides are taken from his presentation.

It is arguable that digital transformation incorporates one of the most difficult challenges of all: change. The truth is, our world yields so painfully to change.  As we can see from the slide above, traditional IT and transformed IT are opposites from each other. 

How do we move forward? Gently, gently, incrementally is the adage here.

2 Changing IT Skillset

From this image here, we can see reimagined job roles with strategic skills for a new era of computing. There are three main skills which were key:

Virtual Networking - learn how to use ExpressRoute, for example, to provide a clear route of data transfer, which does not touch the public internet. A lot of data is born in the cloud anyway; why are you bringing it down to on-premise, just to shoot it back up again into the Internet? Why not simply just secure it there?

Data Science - data is better with a purpose, and put into context alongside other information

Dev Ops - The cloud is built for self-healing and you want to bake this into your infrastructure, your database failover configuration and your applications. In the world of Transformed IT, this requires a new way of thinking

When we start to bring everything together, what might it look like? The Cloud Migration Strategy is a mix of many elements: Old IT, new IT, implementation and design with a focus on placing workloads to make the most of cloud and ensuring that the organisation runs successfully. Here is an example, taken from the Microsoft slide and the full credit is given to the Azure team:

3 Cloud Migration Strategy

To summarise, the skills need to be aligned in order to maximise the success of the end goal, and it should be a key part of the strategy.