Now Microsoft have embraced Open Source, what about joining the Open Data dots?

In one of the industry's best known volte-face, Microsoft have warmly embraced Open Source. As announced at Microsoft's Connect() conference earlier this week, Microsoft is pleased to become a Linux Foundation Platinum Member. Open Source collaboration will increase, as Microsoft deepen their partnership with the community to deliver mobile first, cloud first experiences to businesses and consumers worldwide, who will benefit through this increased collaboration. We also saw a quieter announcement; the Azure DataMarket is being decommissioned

Now that Microsoft are warmly embracing Open Source Software, I have a request to make. I'd love to see Microsoft adopt Open Data too. I'd love to see an Open Data platform on Azure, which is easy-to-use, aimed at business users, data scientists and even consumers in the form of data citizens.

If you look up Open Data, you'll see that there are open data 'puddles' everywhere. There is no joined up thinking to make it an Open Data Lake. I'd love Microsoft to adopt this on behalf of, and for, the data community worldwide.

I'd like to see the Azure DataMarket rebooted to be a home for Open Data. Perhaps it could be called Azure Open Data, or even simply Azure Open, or something simple like that. Microsoft can join the Open Data dots for the community, and that's a real democratization of data for us all.

 Credit:, Álvaro Serrano

Credit:, Álvaro Serrano