WPC Day One: Making Digital Transformation Relevant to your Organisation

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is in full swing, and here’s a summary of the Day One keynote where Satya Nadella gave insights into Microsoft’s current emphases on Digital Transformation. This blog post will draw on a number of main themes.

Digital Transformation is key for CEOs

Being Part of the Microsoft Graph

Digital Transformation is key for CEOs

Cloud as a Tool for Digital Transformation

Microsoft is a Partner-Driven company

Building out the Intelligent Cloud

In the digital world, the physical experience combining with digital experience, and those worlds are transforming and accelerating, and coming together. Technology is a way to change business outcomes.

Takeaway thought: Every operation should be powerful. How does that impact your organisation? How could the cloud help you?

Being part of the Microsoft Graph

The opportunity is for partners is to be part of the Microsoft graph. Software as a service is changing the industry, and it enables a rich graph structure that makes up people's work and lives. Power BI, Cortana - all information products that are relevant to businesses, and Machine Learning capability can help us to generate new products.

Takeaway thought: Are you part of the Graph? Do you want to be?

Cloud as a Tool for Digital Transformation

Digital delivery can impact how we conceptualise products, serve customers, face changes in the financial markets, produce solutions, services and goods to please customers and be truly consumer led. People as partners in their own healthcare.

Digital Transformation applies to small and large organisations. All companies can be digital companies. We all have the power and potential to have a great impact, and to engineer lasting change. Step into your awareness of what you can do, to step into a new future. The WPC keynote showcased the work of Sequence Collection, who are a small organisation, empowered by cloud, who work with gang members to break the cycle of gang violence in El Salvador. The cloud facilitated collaboration, and these young people achieved so achieve so much more than they had ever thought possible.

Takeaway thought: cloud is an empowering tool for small organisations as well as large organisations. How can the cloud help you? Where do you need to scale?

Microsoft is a Partner-Driven company

The future starts with the mission; everything Microsoft do, is grounded to help people achieve more, and institutions do better. Partners are a real part of the story. Partners aren’t just the ‘hands and feet’ of Microsoft. They help drive Microsoft forward, making Microsoft better at everything they do.

Microsoft is a partner-led company, driven by partner passion, commitment and drive. The Microsoft Partner eco-system is the largest, most well-developed and best in the world, since Microsoft has the largest channel network in the industry. In fact, it is larger than AWS, Google and Salesforce combined.


The Last Mile of Customisation

How do you make products sustainable and relevant? Microsoft help with modern, cloud-based tools. Partners have the ability to use tools such as Office365, Power BI, Flow and AzureML to reduce the integration cost and friction to deliver technical solutions. These partners can speak directly to the digital transformation, and lead it. These tools can form composable units or modules, which can be fitted together to meet business needs directly, thereby facilitating digital transformation.

Takeaway thought: what do you think of the ‘last mile of customisation’? For many organisations, this is a far-flung objective. What friction is impeding your organisation from achieving digital transformation?

Building out the Intelligent Cloud

Mobile apps, web apps, IoT apps, SaaS application - infrastructure to support your needs, whether it is databases, containers, app services or even media services. Cloud infrastructure, namely, Azure and Azure Stack, can give you an unparalleled cloud platform, providing you the cloud and hybrid infrastructure that's needed. It also means that organisations have the levels of trust to operate, as a worldwide company, to operate as required.

To summarise, Microsoft offer a platform for partners to do exciting things to enable Digital Transformation for organisations globally, small or large. Cloud technology allows partners, and customers, to punch about their weight and re-envision their digital strategy.

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