Digital Pragmatism with Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Visualisation

Recently, I held a business-oriented event, discussing Big Data for Business Intelligence. It was aimed at accountants and other Finance people in organisations.

In a world where the HiPPO’s (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) is final, how can we use technology to drive the organisation towards data-driven decision making as part of their organizational DNA? R provides a range of functionality in machine learning, but we need to expose its richness in a world where it is made accessible to decision makers. Using Data Storytelling with Power BI, we can imprint data in the culture of the organization by making it easily accessible to everyone, including decision makers. Together, the insights and process of machine learning are combined with data visualisation to help organisations derive value and insights from big and little data.

I've enclosed the slides below. Note that I talk a lot around slides, and I don't read off them. That's why there are a lot of pictures. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch at

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