Become a Big Data Champion and join the Crowdchat on 14th Sept

How do you reimagine your business digitally, with your data at the front-and-center of any digital transformation strategy? How is your current Digital Transformation strategy performing? Are you part of an organisation which is struggling to know how to deal with your data? Do you think that you might have a Big Data problem, but you're not really sure where to start? How do you get the experience, skills or techniques to get it right, faster and within budget? 

MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte’s 2015 global study of digital business found that maturing digital businesses are focused on the service of digital transformation to get their business to a better place. However, there are many organisations that are still on a learning curve, and they are focused on solving siloed business problems framed within individual digital technologies.

How do you move forward? Join myself and other Big Data experts for a crowdchat with Dell EMC on 14th September. In this lively online roundtable, we will explore digital transformation and how to get it right. We will be  your online coaches for an hour, so bring  your questions!

During this one hour session, we will cover a variety of topics from different angles, in a thought-provoking and business-oriented discussion. How can you set a vision for digital transformation, within your organisation? How can you tell if your digital transformation strategy is working? If not, then how do you convince others to move on? How do data lakes gives organisations the competitive edge in maximising the advantage of their data. In particular, we will have a focus on big data and data lakes since these terms can lead to confusion amongst business people and technologists alike.

Many organisations want to do more with their data, but they don't have the experience, skills or techniques to get it quite right. Join this crowdchat in order to learn from myself and other Big Data experts. Here is a list of people who are joining the panel, kindly moderated by Suhela Dighe The roundtable will include a mix of people from Dell EMC and other industry experts, and I'm excited to be participating alongside Celine Boussidan Mark Sear  Christian Nietner Dr. Thore Rabe and Tatianna Flores

Please head over here to register. Don't have a Twitter account? Don't worry. A crowdchat means that you can log in via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. It's a great way to communicate if you don't have a Twitter account.

Finally, thank you to Dell EMC for hosting the session.