Is Open Source right for your Digital Transformation? Series Part 1: SWOT Analysis

In this six part blog series, we will examine open source in the context of digital transformation, along with practical advice on how to adopt it in your organisation - or whether you should. In this first blog post in the series, we'll take a SWOT approach to open source, along with a brief review of some of the opportunities. Finally, we will look at barriers to adoption, if the organisation decides that open source is right.

What's your approach to open source - do you see it as a threat or an opportunity? Seeing the trends in the industry, Microsoft are putting their best foot forward with open source, and you can find more of Microsoft's open source news here. Since Microsoft is so popular with organisations large and small, Microsoft's approach to open source is, in turn, driving organisations to look at Open Source with new eyes.

How does it impact your organisation? Open source has a number of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and these will vary from organisation to organisation.


The Numbers Game - Price, Licensing

Collaborative development

Vendor Independence

Market-oriented development


Support Concerns

Skills Availability

Roll-your-own maintainability concerns

Training Costs

Integration Complexities


Low barrier to entry

Thriving Community Ecosystem

Potential to sell service and skills to other organisations

Innovative and effective technology solutions

Effective Digital Transformation for all


Regulations and Governance

Integration with Commercial Vendors

Integration with other OSS

Shiny Gadget Syndrome with management succession

Predictability Planning




As part of a overall business strategy, many organisations start to look at using open source. When I'm making recommendations for a Digital Transformation, I do include open source as part of this review. If you are interested in learning more, contact me or email