Discussing Why not How - Digital Transformation for the CEO

We're delighted that Jen Stirrup has been selected to speak at Microsoft Data Insights Summit in Seattle. The topic is Digital Transformation with Power BI for the CEO.

What's different about this session? There are plenty of 'how to' guides on Power BI on the internet - in fact, the community has produced a ton of insightful and interesting ways to use Power BI. There is a lot of literature on beginner guides, custom visuals, reporting and so on.

What's different about the Digital Transformation with Power BI for the CEO session is that we will discuss the Why as well as the How. The Executive person isn't listening to the 'how'. They hire people to know how to do 'how' and 'what'. 

Good businesses know what they want to do and how they do it.

Great businesses move past that. They ask the more important question - WHY?

Why it is useful to them?

Why it will change their business?

Inspirational leaders such as Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King started with Why. 

Why will Power BI help to make their businesses more inventive, pioneering and successful than others?

Why are they able to repeat their success again and again? What metrics really matter in a business?

There will be plenty of sessions that tell you 'how' and they aren't pitched to the C-suite leve audience, and that's good - they aren't pretending to be, they are speaking to the BI person. Jen's session will help to give you that language, the language of Why, so that you can communicate past the How and onto the Why.

A C-suite person will know how best to to drive their business and attach a dollar value to their time - and that probably isn't spending time on writing reports using any technology.

Instead, focusing on the Why is what will drive the business forward. Then, it will drive focus, accountability, simplicity and transparency as brilliantly described by Gordon Tredgold - all essential ingredients for driving the organisation to success.