Moving from Data Pollen to Honey: Growing your Hive

Ever wondered what the difference between a bees' nest and a hive is?  A Nest is used to discuss colonies which house themselves in cavities, such as a tree, and it's honed by the bees themselves. A Hive is used to describe structures used by humans to house a honey bee nest.

For busy consulting bees, expanding your fellow bee crowd is a hybrid of a nest and a hive. There are structures, organisations that can help you on your way. The rest of it is up to you to make it work for you, in an organic fashion where you give and receive. Receiving can just be as hard as giving, and it is something I'm learning to do. 

As part of creating a hive/nest hybrid for myself, I have become an active member of my local Chamber of Commerce. I was fortunate enough to attend a lunch with David Gauke, who was first elected as Member of Parliament in 2005. In July 2016 he was promoted to Chief Secretary to the Treasury. He was voted "Tax Personality of the Year" in 2011! 

It was my first Chamber of Commerce meeting and I was hugely impressed with the conversations with other members, and the Q&A with David Gauke MP too. I asked a few questions about issues for small businesses in extracting payment from larger businesses, who sometimes use their size to pay late, or perhaps 'miss out' paying the VAT, for example. I was happy to have the opportunity to discuss these issues, and I felt that Mr Gauke and the rest of the members really listened to my concerns and suggestions. I'd like to thank everyone here for their genuine welcome for this new member, and I look forward to 'giving back' as well as being blessed with the company, expertise and wisdom from a great team of business leaders here in the Hertfordshire community.

In particular, I'd like to thank David Zerny for his suggestions and encouragement as I move forward, and for his help in encouraging me to attend.

I am greatly enjoying growing my hive as I move on and move forward in my business, and helping others to relish their data!

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