Helping you to take a leap of faith with your company's business with Power BI

I'm delighted to announce that my Microsoft Data Insights session is in the top ten for most pre-registrations! I'm honoured. What do I want to achieve?

I want to help organisations to take a leap of faith to a better place, based on their data.

You've got this, and I can help you to get there. I love making 'left field' vision, strategy, tactics suggestions that make people stop and think. I love helping businesses grow, and taking them from one place to a better place. Essentially, I love making an impact on customers through their data.

 Credit: Huffington Post

Credit: Huffington Post

I love helping people reach their potential through the technical community work that I do, and my love for this area is evidence of what i do for businesses around the world.

Leading businesses through data is a great topic to cover, which I'm particularly passionate about. I'm starting my MBA in September. I've been advising businesses, both large and small, as a consultant since 1997. I've also been running my own business for seven years now, and I've learned a lot. Through this experience, and my academic study, I'm well-placed to advise businesses on how to get the best of their data, whether it's called Business Intelligence or Data Science or how you label it. It's more than just throwing the word strategy around and then talking tech - it's about really getting to the heart of the business, what they are trying to achieve, how they see themselves, how others see them, and examining their current status and growth plans for a successful future.

Taking a leap of faith with your data for data-driven CEOs with Power BI

In a world where technology takes over most aspects of life and business, CEOs need a guiding philosophy more than ever to help them add the best possible value to their actions while being able to display ongoing strategic assessment and planning capabilities. Nevertheless, it is often difficult for them to find the right amount of time to collect, cultivate, and analyse data, mostly because CEOs need to prioritize strategic decisions so that their business runs successfully.





Know your Data, Know your Business

Knowing your Data is an essential part of any business. Often, the issues in the business are manifested in the data. If the organisation doesn't have good processes in place, the symptoms are often seen in data.

Data is essential for CEOs when it comes to running their business, particularly because it offers them an insight into customer behaviour and permits them to take accurate measures of what really matters to their organization. With Power BI, data-driven CEOs can bring a mix of clarity and predictability to the table when it comes to taking measures that affect the short- and long-term future of their organization.

Why Do CEOs Care About Data? Should they?

Business data is one of the essential factors CEOs need to take into account to deliver solutions for their organization, so this is the reason for which CEOs are required to be data-savvy. As CEOs are becoming increasingly accountable and their pay is more often than not tied to their performance, it is vital for them to rely on data to do their jobs well. This is where Power BI can help, allowing CEOs to build robust data models and sharp reports that will boost their BI efforts considerably.

Top 10 Key Performance Indicators CEOs Need to Know

In a sea of performance indicators that CEOs need to consider when it comes to analysing business solutions for short- and long-term growth, it may be difficult to pick the top ones that are truly essential for offering an insight on how the core of the business is operating. Here are the top 10 key performance indicators data-driven CEOs need to place on their watch list.

  • ·         Net Profit
  • ·         Progress Towards Targets
  • ·         Revenues and Revenue Growth Rate
  • ·         Expenses
  • ·         Revenue per Employee
  • ·         Employee Engagement
  • ·         Profit Per Customer
  • ·         Order Fulfilment
  • ·         Project Success
  • ·         Downtime


How Can Power BI Help?

Power BI is the leading BI solutions as of 2017, and it offers users a high degree of accessibility and flexibility when it comes to implementing Business Intelligence without sacrificing any key features.

By using datasets that are meaningful to CEOs, report writers can either connect to or import data simply into Power BI. It gives users - and CEOs - all the data they need across functions and enables them to view detailed reports and display multiple sets of data as required. Users can set permissions for staff so that multiple individuals can explore, refresh, and reuse data. Moreover, users can publish reports and insert data into shareable documents.

Ideally, the CEO should get their data when they need it, where they need it and how they prefer to access it. Power BI is a powerful business intelligence solution that solves this problem. It is suitable for organizations that work on premise and in the cloud who want to use the flexibility of the cloud to access, share and disseminate information across the globe. Besides accessibility and flexibility, Power BI also helps maximise profitability, identify trends, anticipate various types of challenges, pick out business opportunities easier, and help data-driven CEOs make smarter decisions.

Let me help you to hold your hand, and make that jump!