Clean Your Data Service

At Data Relish, we want to make your data work.

To make your data work well, it will need to be clean. But nobody wants to clean data, right?

You don't want to pay a Data Scientist to clean your data, because that will be a waste of skills and money.

That's where we come in. With our expert Data Shaman team, you'll get a Data Shaman on site, who will do the messy job for you. Our Data Shaman service will work out to be cost effective. You'll have someone come onsite. We'll profile your data first, so we know what we are working with. Then, we will make an impact on your data. By the end of the service, we can guarantee you will see a difference.

Want your data laundry fresh and clean? Then get in touch with us at

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 Credit: blickpixel, pixabay   

Credit: blickpixel, pixabay


Make your data clean

You'll get a consultant on-site who will do the dirty work that your organisation has been dreading.

 Credit: aitoff, pixa   

Credit: aitoff, pixa


Make Progress

You'll see progress right from the start. To make good decisions, you need clean data. We can help.

Your data should earn its keep.

Make it work right, then make it work well.


make your data work

Our data cleaning service will be more cost effective than an expensive Data Scientist, doing the same work.