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Lighting up Big Data Analytics with Apache Spark in Azure

  • Washington State Convention Center Pike Street Seattle, WA United States (map)

Today, CIOs and other business decision-makers are increasingly recognizing the value of open source software and Azure cloud computing for the enterprise, as a way of driving down costs whilst delivering enterprise capabilities.
For the Business Intelligence professional, how can you introduce Open Source for analytics into the Enterprise in a robust way, whilst also creating an architecture that accommodates cloud, on-premise and hybrid architectures?

We will examine strategies for using open source technologies to improve existing common Business Intelligence issues, using Apache Spark as our backdrop to delivering open source Big Data analytics.

- incorporating Apache Spark into your existing projects
- looking at your choices to parallelize Apache Spark your computations across nodes of a Hadoop cluster
- how ScaleR works with Spark
- Using Sparkly and SparkR within a ScaleR workflow

Join this session to learn more about open source with Azure for Business Intelligence.