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At Data Relish, we don't want to make you reliant on us. We want to help you, help yourselves.

We have customers of varying sciences, from ad-hoc customers who call up for an hour to get some help, right through to large customers who have been with us for years.

Thing is, when people use our services, they tend to stay with us.

It's all about listening to you.

The most important part of your data is your people. If you are trying to shoehorn technology to meet a business need, without looking at the business, people, or the processes, then you are doing it wrong.

Some organisations bandy around the term Digital Transformation because they think it means 'transforming' the data by putting it into the cloud. Wrong. That's part of digital transformation, potentially, but not all of it. 

Digital Transformation is about you, your business goals, and what you are trying to achieve.

Warning: We won't always tell you what you'd like to hear, but we will say it as gently as we can. When we start producing results for  you, you'll be able to look back and see it for yourself.

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